Seeking Guidance on ESP32 DW3000 Antenna Delay Calibration Process (Autocalibration)

Hello everyone,

I have just received the ESP32-WROOM UWB DW3000 device from Makerfabs, and I am currently attempting to perform auto-calibration for this device. Previously, I have done calibration by roughly estimating the values of “TX_ANT_DLY” and “RX_ANT_DLY” that approximate their actual values, using a ruler/caliper. However, I realize that this approach may not be accurate and efficient.

I need an understanding of a more precise and efficient auto-calibration process for the ESP32 DW3000 device, similar to what exists for the DW1000. Does anyone have experience with this device or can you provide a step-by-step guide on how to do it correctly?

I appreciate any advice, insights, or responses you can provide. I truly need your assistance in comprehending and successfully executing this auto-calibration. Thank you in advance for your contributions and support!

Thank you very much,
Theophilus Ezra

Hi Theophilus,

This app note APS014 shows the procedure for antenna delay calibration. It is written for DW1000 but the steps will be the same for DW3000. There is a section on reference device generation. If you already have manually calibrated one device, you can use that as reference to calibrate others.

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Hi Matthias,

Thank you so much for your reply, i have seen at APS014 and how to calibrate it. However, is it possible to use the DW3000 library? Honestly, I am still confused about starting to make autocalibration like those used by DW1000.


Autocalibration using DW1000:
Getting Started with ESP32 UWB (Ultra Wideband) Module (

Library DW3000:
Makerfabs/Makerfabs-ESP32-UWB-DW3000 (

Hi Theophilus,

i’m not familiar with the makerfabs libraries; but if you can set the antenna delay and measure distance, the same calibration procedure should work for the DW3000 library.

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