DWM3000 APS014 - Calibration

Thanks for the help again. Now I have the solution I think.

But there is something I have to point on, because in my opinion thats not descripte very well in ASP014:

That eq:
tof_candidate[i,j] = (2 * Delay_chip_i+2 * Delay_chip_j +4 * tof_measured_distance[i, j])/4

should be:
tof_candidate[i,j] = (4 * tof_measured_distance[i, j] - (2 * Delay_chip_i+2 * Delay_chip_j))/4

or the delay should be negativ (-513ns) when using the first eq.

With that I get the result like the example, if not I got an error around 10ns which goes bigger with more iterations. Thats because the measuremend made with zero delay, so the delay ist already include in the measuremend. I have to subtract the delay from the the measuremend to get the real distance and not add more of that.

If somebody looking for an working example I made a repo on github with my solution:

I hope thats fine and if someone had improvements, feel free to contact.