Matlab2Qspice : A Matlab scripting interface for Qspice

For Matlab users, I would like to share my Matlab function for Qspice.
It works with QSPICE’s command-line interface to load QSPICE schematic (.qsch) or output data (.qraw) into memory for plotting in Matlab.

Purpose of this project is to allow user to directly load .qraw in binary format. Qspice waveform viewer currently not support Cartesian representation, Nyquist or Smithchart (or we may have a unique way for data plot), plot data into these formats require extra step to export data from waveform viewer and load into Matlab. Therefore, this project is to eliminate the need of manual data export to work in Matlab.

This is an open-source project hosted on GitHub.

Github - Matlab2Qspice: Matlab Interface for QSPICE


This is an example of loading a schematic file (.qsch) and to plot in Smithchart S11, Impedance Plot and Cartesian representation.