Where can i find the netlist and logfile

I have used LTspice so far, I have created my own programs in C# and also in VBA as an extension that use LTspice in batch mode and automatically change the netlist and then read out the *.RAW files and/or the *.LOG files

Where can I find these files in Qspice, i.e. *.net *.log?
I have found the *.raw, but no other file.

I do circuit development, but I once did a Six Sigma Black Belt training course in mechanics lasting several weeks. There are excellent methods in this area that I have been implementing in development with my tools since then. As far as I know, there are no Spice simulation programs that use something like this.

So I use the Monte Carle method and show the dependence of the output tolerance on the input tolerances, including interactions and a bar chart of the components.
Parameter analysis which changes each component individually with plus/minus tolerance and creates a bar chart about your influence
DOE analysis, which also produces a bar chart of the component influence and transfer functions for the output values
On the basis of DOE, there are also optimizers that optimize the target values for several output parameters

I would like to convert these programs to Qspice because of the enormous speed advantage.
Is there any other way to communicate with third-party programs with Qspice?

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I summarize my study of batch mode in this reference guide, page 78-84.
Actually, all information is in Qspice HELP, but described in 3 sections

  • Help > Waveform Viewer (QUX.exe)
  • Help > Simulator (QSPICE64.exe and QSPICE80.exe)
  • Help > Post Processor (QPOST.exe)

Qspice/Guideline/Qspice - Reference Guide by KSKelvin.pdf at main · KSKelvin-Github/Qspice

Qspice simulator run with netlist, but the netlist (.cir) is not saved during simulation. To get netlist file, you can have two options

  1. In schematic : View > Netlist, then save to a .cir file
  2. Command mode : QUX -Netlist “filepath/filename.qsch”

As my knowledge, Python (PyQspice) and Matlab (Matlab2Qspice) open projects are developing to support Qspice, which you may take as reference. I hope my above guide can save your time in researching how thing work.

Here are two Qspice interface open-source projects posted in this forum.

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Hello, thank you very much, it will take a few days to adjust. The description helps me

Thanks Kelvin- I was going to highlight these projects, and you saved me the effort. We always appreciate your advice here!