Distance measurement issue

Hello, We have two Dwm3001cdk eavl boards, wew flashed the code downloaded from website, using tera term for serial communication. one board is in initiator and another board is in responder. Distance is showing 30-40 cm less variation from actual. for example we separated the two devices with 150cm but its showing only 100-125 cm and also “LPDoA_deg”:0,“LAoA_deg
˓→”:0,“LFoM”:0,“RAoA_deg”:0,“CFO_ppm”:-120}]}. all measurement values showing 0 only , please help me to calibrate the distance and angle.

A constant offset in range is normally due to an error in antenna delay calibration. This varies slightly unit to unit and an error will result in all measurements being too long or too short.

Hi @omsainath ,

See antenna delay calibration App note for more information Important Notice - Qorvo

About the angle being reported to 0, this is expected as DWM3001CDK has only one antenna and then it’s not able to calculate angle based on this.

Hello wassim, thanks for the reply. The link which you have shared is showing “The document you requested is associated with multiple products and some of these are not currently in Production status”.
can you share the related documents.
Based on your input, DWM3001CDK has only one antenna, and if we use one initiator and two responders, can we able to find angle LPDoA/LAOa??,
can i get any docs reg the angle measurement.

The supplied link works. Scroll down and click the Proceed button.

To get angle information you need a dual antenna device. The angle is calculated by measuring the difference in the same signal being received on both antennas. Two separate units can’t perform this unless they are very tightly synchronised, this is in theory possible but is not a simple task and requires special hardware.
So no, you can’t do it with two responders.