UWB Stack / One to Many / CIRs

I have been tweaking around the files inside DWM3001CDK-DW3_QM33_SDK_CLI-FreeRTOS.em project and I have the following questions :
Which file am I using to build the hex file, is there any specific file or all the files are being used in order to build the hex file.
I have been trying to implement one initiator multi responder, the problem is
I have changed fire_default_params.h to FIRA_MULTI_NODE_MODE_ONE_TO_MANY
and I have created two hex files with two different FIRA_DEFAULT_CONTROLLEE_SHORT_ADDR (in my scenario I have two responders with two different addresses “Responder[0] Addr”:“0x0001”, “Responder[1] Addr”:“0x0002” connected to one initiator “Initiator Addr”:“0x0000”, the problem is when I use the commands INITF and RESPF, it is not working as it should be (definitely I am doing it wrong, that’s why I want to know which file I should modify in order to be able to setup one initiator and two or more responders, using the INITF RESPF command, I have already read a thread on here about using the following commands
INITF 4 2400 200 25 2 42 01:02:03:04:05:06:07:08 1 0 0 1 2
Responder1: RESPF 4 2400 200 25 2 42 01:02:03:04:05:06:07:08 1 0 0 1
Responder2: RESPF 4 2400 200 25 2 42 01:02:03:04:05:06:07:08 1 0 0 2
but this is not what I am looking for.
Another thing, the DEFAULT_CHANNEL 9 in default_config.h means that the boards are operating on channel 9, if I want the boards to operate on ch 5 I should simply set it to 5 ?, or is there any other modifications I should proceed with.
regarding the CIR, as discussed here Distance measurement issue - #16 by AndyA
is it specific to the transmitter or the receiver, in other terms can we get the CIRs at the TX side and/or RX side. (what I exactly want to know is we can get the Uplink/Downlink cir, it just depends on what I need specifically)
in the case of having multi responders how can I print the CIRs from multiple responders.
Thank you in advance for your time and help

CIR is generally only helpful for diagnostics, it is not something that most people look at except when trying to find the cause of an issue.
It is only ever available on a receiving device, when performing a two way range packets are sent in both directions and so it is available on both devices.
You can print the CIR for any received packet, if receiving packets from multiple devices you can print the CIR for each one of them. However as I noted before it take a while to read the data and depending on the method to also output the data, this means that reading the CIR data can have implications for system timing. If multiple devices respond rapidly you may not be able to read the CIR data for one device and then re-arm in time to receive the second response. In this situation you’d need to either slow the system down or alternate which responder you read the CIR data for.

All of the above is generic information that would apply to any software / firmware using the DW1000/3000 parts. Whether your specific firmware imposes other restrictions on the ability to read CIR data I have no idea.

Thank you.
I would like to know if the following statement is correct,
by default the boards operate on ch9, I read on the documentation that in order to modify the channel, you can simply use :
uwbcfg 9 64 8 9 9 3 6810 0 0 65 0 64 1 , basically if I set it to : uwbcfg 5 64 8 9 9 3 6810 0 0 65 0 64 1 , it means that the boards will use ch5, is there any parameters that I have to take in consideration as well when I change the channel ?

thank you in advance