Which OS used in Decawave Product

I have just started working with DW1000, I am going through datasheets, userManual, github links and software at decawave website.
I am confused regarding the operating system being used. When I went through Decawave github site, I found examples based on Mynewt OS for dwm1001,
When I downloaded source code support from Decawave site, I found documentation based on eCOS for dwm1001.
I didn’t find anything related to OS on TREK1000. So, could anyone explain, how things are actually being implemented? Does TREK1000 do not have any OS?
Kindly help me to solve this query.

Hi Asmita,

you are right, for trek1000 no OS based, the basic is

while (1)
if (tag)
// state machine based

 // handle event 

// state macine based.
// handle event.

// isr will also generate event.


Hi Jesen,
Thanks for answering.
As per the recent updates of Decawave on Github,
it’s majority of examples are based on MynewtOS
and the source code file that I downloaded from website
i.e. PANS library is based on eCOS OS.
Since I am at very start of my project, could you please guide me
what to choose between Mynewt OS or eCOS?

Thanks & Regards

Hi Asmita,

I think first try to define what you need. Based on that you can choose from the available options.

PANS is a complete RTLS build for DWM1001 while MynewtOS framework has a different focus. eCos or Mynewt here is not too important IMO. eCos has been chosen only because we had knowledge of using it. But it is obsolete. If you decide to build a new system, then I would recommend to choose something else, e.g. MynewtOS or Zephyr (see this post DWM1001 & Zephyr: open source port + example code).


Thanks for answering.
So, basically I am working on RTLS project to keep track of objects’ location indoor.
So, I got MDEK kit. It’s ready to start I can test using already available bin image into it.
since, i want to get it in production, I was wondering how to start doing some changes into it and where to start because there are many possible ways for development

Thanks & regards