DWM1001 & Zephyr: open source port + example code

Hi All,

We noticed that there is some interest in a port of Zephyr RTOS to the DWM1001. That’s why we open sourced our port. It can be found here:

We also ported Decawave’s examples that were originally written for STM32F10X to the DWM1001 to quickly get you started:

You can also find an example of how to use the button and examples of BLE usage & LEDs will be added soon.

Instructions can be found on the README.md from this repo, and will be expanded the following days/weeks.

If you want to contribute, feel free! We are open to pull requests.



Great! Thank you Fred for the contribution!

I agree, thank you for the amazing contribution!

@FredericM this is indeed a great contribution especially adding the Bluetooth functionality. I have suggestions or at least information to share on how this could get even more Zephyr friendly. When using Zephyr, people usually combine multiple projects so it’s nice when a project can behave like a west.yml dependency and have its own configuration flag to be easily enabled or disabled. I have an example integration I mentioned here Zephyr driver, C++ high level API, nRF mesh and Two Way Ranging GPIO Profiling

The way how such an amount of examples could be even more useful is to add pack them all in a library and allow them to be called through remote procedure call, that’s what I’m trying to achieve, for that I added simply a c++ json layer for request response. In my case I used simplemesh but as you have bluetooth many people are trying to combine bluetooth mesh with such an RPC system as openthread does not run on all existing nRF52832 devices.