Wave view .csv file format

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I’m struggling a bit with the raw data of the wave viewer of Qspice.
I want to load the data into Matlab to create eventually a pzmap.

I created a simple low pass filter for the wave viewer

This data gets exported to a .csv file seen here:

Then I rework this data in Matlab were I encountered my first weird part of this data.
Because my magnitude to dB is not from voltage to dB but form power to db.

This means that I needed to do 10*log(data points) to get the right magnitude plot.
But the phase part I don’t understand. it looks like its in rad/s. but why does my Matlab plot go back to 0 degrees and not to -90 degrees??

Thank you in advance for your time/attention.

This is how the Matlab bode plot looks like.

What function are you using to get phase plot. If you are using arctan, try to use four quadrant arctan like atan2d(y,x)

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I have a project of Matlab2Qspice which can directly read .qraw file (or execute Qspice simulation from .qsch etc…), this save your work in exporting into excel.

Matlab2Qspice : A Matlab scripting interface for Qspice - QSPICE - Qorvo Tech Forum

For data format, complex format data (e.g. result from .ac) in Qspice is (Real,Imag)

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Thank you, I totally forgot that that also was a possibility. I’m used to LTspice so that’s why the confusion I think.
Another stupid mistake I made in Matlab was not using (./ or .*)with matrixes :sweat_smile:

Thank you guys for your help, I got it fixed in Matlab :innocent:

Good to hear your problem solved. As a LTspice user who switched to Qspice, I also experienced confusion initially regarding the export format in Qspice.