Using UWB for Proximity based alarm system

Hi all, I’m interested in creating a proximity-based alarm system with UWB technology. The system consists of two devices, a portable device and a stationary device. The portable device will need to sound an alarm when moved outside of a 5m radius of the stationary device. Ideally the portable device will be small enough to be carried on a keychain and be powered by a small rechargeable battery. Is this possible with UWB technology? Can anyone provide further guidance as to what hardware is needed to achieve this?

Hi Tom

This would be a common enough application for our IC. It’s a geo fencing application.
Customers use this application for access control, property control, machinery control and many other applications.
I send you the TREK User manual. It states how you can evaluate geo fencing. The IC datasheet will tell you how to use the GPIOs for external “bells and whistles”.

TREK1000_User_Manual.pdf-revHEAD.svn000.tmp.pdf (2.4 MB)