Using NUCLEO-F401RE with DWM3000 v1.4 api v6.00.7/14, hardfault when try readdevid


Im trying to run the library and test the examples, as i mencioned on the tittle im using stm32cubeide, i made a port based on the project EVK3000_F429_CubeMX.

I followed this guide to import correctly the library to the project, works fine i think: System Hardfault when calling dwt_probe() - #9 by bruno

I used this code to test the spi conections and work fine:

when i test the ex_00a_reading_dev_id example, the dwt_probe() return -1(ERROR) and then dwt_readdevid() jumps directly to hardfault_handler. I can confirm that dwt_probe uses the readspi function implemented:

idk whats happening but what i understand is that when it enters hardfault, its because of memory access error, idk what am i missing.

Thanks in advance for response.