USe of example code


I like to expand on “Z’s” comment which states to look at the sleep example code.

Some questions recently posted related to eg sleep/waking up, double buffering, diagnostics could be answered/resolved by studying both the sample code itself and the notes on the bottom of the main.c .

Those of you who recently joined might not be aware that we have sample code API.

This API ,containing 25 examples of common operations, was released to aid design and development.

The 25 examples are:

1 ex_01a_simple_tx

2 ex_01b_tx_sleep

3 ex_01c_tx_sleep_auto

4 ex_01d_tx_timed_sleep

5 ex_02a_simple_rx

6 ex_02b_rx_preamble_64

7 ex_02c_rx_diagnostics

8 ex_02d_rx_sniff

9 ex_02e_rx_dbl_buff

10 ex_03a_tx_wait_resp

11 ex_03b_rx_send_resp

12 ex_03c_tx_wait_resp_leds

13 ex_03d_tx_wait_resp_interrupts

14 ex_04a_cont_wave

15 ex_04b_cont_frame

16 ex_05a_ds_twr_init

17 ex_05b_ds_twr_resp

18 ex_06a_ss_twr_init

19 ex_06b_ss_twr_resp

20 ex_07a_ack_data_tx

21 ex_07b_ack_data_rx

22 ex_08a_low_power_listen_rx

23 ex_08b_low_power_listen_tx

24 ex_09a_bandwidth_power_ref_meas

25 ex_09b_bandwidth_power_comp

The complete API can be downloaded from :


the examples are great! :slight_smile:


I have a question.

I used ex_01a_simple_tx and ex_02a_simple_rx for transmit and receive testing.

But I didn’t receive any data.

How can I debug it?

Please guide me.


Thiha Kyaw