TREK1000 Maximum Range


First, I realize there are already posts about this topic but they seem unclear/unanswered:

The DW1000 Radio IC documentation states “Excellent communications range of up to 300 m…”
DW1000 Product Brief.pdf (397.1 KB)

I tested this with two TREK1000 devices and was only able to get up to 129 m. Anything further apart and they would not update a range (at 128 m the range updates were consistent). The environment conditions were 60% humidity, direct LOS with buildings nearby, and held 1.5 m above ground. The TREK1000 devices are on CH2 and everything else is default.

This is less then half of the maximum range specified by the DW1000 Product Brief, so am I doing something wrong? Is there anything I can change (excluding adding additional hardware) to achieve the specified maximum range?


This has been asked a lot of times :slight_smile:

Short version - The DW1000 maximum range is achieved using a different radio configuration to that of the TREK1000.

If you want more range drop the data rate, use a better antenna and increase the preamble length.There are other settings that have an impact but those three, in that order, are the most effective. Obviously increasing the transmit power will also boost range but there are regulatory limits on how much you can do that and still sell the system.

The reason there is no simple clear answer to this question is that radio range questions never have simple answers beyond more power = more range.

Noted. Thank you Andy.