TREK1000 300m Range?

Hi all,

I have the TREK1000 kit and I’m trying to test the maximum range for a tag. My setup is as follows: Anchors(3) are each about 20m apart forming a right triangle. I then take the tag and walk directly away in line of sight and I seem to get consistent data updates using the decawave provided program until about 120-150m. After 150m it seems very limited although I have been able to receive an update at 190m. Accuracy is not an issue because I checked this and its pretty much dead on. Its just the overall range. I’m trying to achieve the close to 300m mark. Any suggestions? I’m running at 110kbps and two anchors are using a battery pack. The one tag is using a battery pack. The third anchor is connected to my pc.

I am not sure why do you think the TREK mode (110kbps) would go up to 300m? Did you get this value from TREK docs?

You can read APS017 - Max Range in DW1000 Systems - available from Decawave’s website, this shows how to maximise the range.

Zoran, thank you for your speedy reply, I looked into APS017 and it suggests altering the trimming range via an external oscillator. I checked the TREK schematic and there is already an external oscillator on the system, RSX-10.

The DW1000 data sheet states in “key benefits”:
“Extended communications range up to 290 m @ 110 kbps 10% PER minimises required infrastructure in RTLS”.

So it should be able to achieve something closer to the ~290m range, correct?
Is there an a change I could make to the TREK system to get closer to the ~290m maximum range?

Thanks again for any advice