TI LM25037 Not Running

I created a new model using the, “unencrypted PSpice Transient Model” from TI’s website, the model created just fine.
However, when I try and simulate with it I get the following error:
Fatal error: Error: no such function ‘sdt•x_osc1_vco•x1’
The problem occured while parsing the line:

I don’t know enough about the spice sintax to understand why I’m getting this error, any help would be

link to model

LM25037 Model Link

Open the model in text editor and edit SDT to DDT and try again.
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Pspice reference guide refer SDT as time integral of x
PSpice Reference Guide (upenn.edu)

The equivalent function in Qspice should be IDT

IDT should work in format idt(x), idx(x,y) or idx(x,y,z).
According to ivan comment, replace the line #611 with following to see if can work.

+Value {sin(6.28318*(Fcenter*V(time_a)+Frange*IDT(V(table)))+phase*(3.14159/180))}
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Thanks, that worked.
However, it’s running very slow, maybe i need to add some other .options, i’ll try that.

I made another part and changed SDT to IDT as you suggested, this also worked. But, the model is still very slow.
I still haven’t tried some .options yet.