Tag to Tag Relative Distance Tracking

Dear Developers,

I want to use DWM1001 for measuring the relative distance between the tag to tag systems without any anchors.

Kindly help me to get it done. Any reference docs will be really helpful.

If you look over the last couple of months posts this sort of system has been discussed a lot lately.

The short version is that it’s easy to do if you can mount antennas well or don’t mind some inaccuracies due to bodies blocking antennas, only have a fairly low number of tags and don’t need to worry about battery life.
If on the other hand you want something small that everyone in a crowd can put in their pocket, will run several days off a charge and accurately and reliably track all contacts then it gets very tricky.

Thank for your reply Andy. I’m new to this place. Can I get the example codes and related docs for the same?

Hello Sunil

Examples for TWR on the DWM1001 can be found here: https://github.com/Decawave/dwm1001-examples.

It is also possible to set up TWR between just 2 devices in PANS, the RTLS demo firmware for the DWM1001, but this requires one of the devices to act as an anchor. See this post: How can I set 1 anchor + 1 Tag mode?