System Information Differences for various batches of MDEK1001

Hi Decawave Team,

I am encountering an issue in setting up a network of Anchors and Beacon from 2 different batches. One was purchased in July 2019 while the other was purchased in January 2020. The January batch was purchased to increase the deployment scale of my initial setup.

I have noticed that the devices from the January batch are not functioning as they are suppose to be. The tag beacons, the locations are always stuck at (0, 0, 0) and does not change. I have even tested the January batch on its own, using only the 12 devices in the January batch. The result is that the beacons are unable to perform location tracking of the tags.

I have dug further to compare the 2 batches and realised that the System information are different for both batches. Please do refer to the image below, the left window is the July’s purchase and the right is the January’s purchase. In summary, the January batch seems to be lacking some parameters which are available on the July’s purchase. I would require your advice if I am missing some configuration steps or is there an issues with the devices purchased. Any help will be appreciated.

Hi Alphonsus,

there were 2 releases of PANS software stack up to the date. From your picture, the left side contains Release 1. The right side contains Release 2. They are incompatible.

Please check that you are using only Release 2 in your installation. Make sure all the software (Firmware, Android APK, Gateway, …) comes from the same release package. Then try to follow the installation guide.

I would recommend to reflash all the modules that contains Release 1 using the R2 firmware.

I hope this helps.


Hi leapslabs,

  1. Can I find out if there are parameters from the system information, based on the initial image I provided above, which indicates the version difference of the PANS Software.

  2. Additionally, from your reply, it seems that I might be using the outdated Android APK as well, am I right?

  3. As a final question, I understand that the PANS release 2 is an updated firmware. However, if I currently already have an existing system running on the PANS release 1, would you recommend me updating my deployed system to PANS release 2 or convert the new sets to PAN release 1. That said, is it possible for the new sets to be flashed with an older firmware?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Hi Alphonsus,

We would recommend to uptade all devices to use the R2 of PANS.

You can download collateral for R2 including new android APK there:

Download the following:
DWM1001, DW10001-DEV and MDEK1001 Documents, Source Code, Android Application & Firmware Image
(DWM1001, DW10001-DEV and MDEK1001 Documents, Source Code, Android Application & R2.0 Firmware Image - Decawave)

Kind regards