Problem with tag positioned in 0,0,0

Hello there!

I’ve gotten my MDEK1001 today, I’ve been using it around all day, doing tests and tests all morning.

This afternoon, we started doing more tests to see the range, if it would work with batteries, connected to the USB, etc. Then a weird problem started to happen - while all the anchors still could be set up almost perfectly, manually or through the auto routing, all the tags are always placed in the 0,0,0 position. No matter how many tags we have, how we move them, the tags never leave the starting point.

Does anybody know the solution to this problem? Thanks in advance!

Hi there.

I am also facing the same problems and I am also looking for a solution or advice from the developers. Please refer to my post to see if the problems are similar.

Additionally, for investigation purposes, are you able to provide the System Information of the beacons obtained from the UART Shell mode? Thanks.

Hi Felipe,

can you please send output of the ‘si’ and ‘la’ commands using on-module shell?