STM32F429ZI Make Error

Hello everyone,

i am trying to get the official software provided for the DWM3000EVB to run on an STM32F429ZI Board. But i get two makefile errors:

Description	Resource	Path	Location	Type
make: *** [makefile:107: all] Error 2	EVK3000_F429_CubeMX		 	C/C++ Problem
make[1]: *** [makefile:140: post-build] Error 3	EVK3000_F429_CubeMX		 	C/C++ Problem

In Line 107 it says:

106 all:
107     +@$(MAKE) --no-print-directory main-build && $(MAKE) --no-print-directory post-build

and in Line 140:

138 post-build:
139	     arm-none-eabi-objcopy -O binary "DW3000_API_CubeMX.elf" "DW3000_API_CubeMX.bin"
140	     arm-none-eabi-size "DW3000_API_CubeMX.bin"
141	     -@echo ' '

Does anybody have an idea?

Thank you very much!

Hi matt5,

if you have a look at my post about missing deca_device.c file in Software Rev. 1.2.

Possibly this is your issue, too, as the linker might have problems searching for this file.

Also for me it looks like the STM32 project is not compiling for Rev. 1.2.

Kind regards and in hope I could have helped

Hey Robin,

thanks for your answer. Which IDE are you using? STM32CubeIDE or the old System Workbench for STM32 (Eclipse)?

Kind regards

Which IDE should we use ?


The latest version of the support package (XR6.0C) supports the DWM3000EVB as well as DW3000 and QM33000 series chip-down evaluation boards (aka red boards).

Sadly we only distribute this release package under NDA because part of the source code still references registers we consider proprietary information. Please get in contact with our sales team to get access to this package.

The closest thing we support for the DWM3000EVB that is not under NDA is the DW3xxx production pack. This currently uses version 5.8.0 of the driver in a precompiled form.
However, note that the production pack is intended as a production test support package, not an evaluation package.

How can I contact your sales team? Do you have their contact information? I come from Zhengzhou, China

You can get the package here:

If the support package uses “magic” proprietary registers, which are presumably not documented in the User Manual, does that mean that any attempt at using the DWM3000 via SPI register access is doomed?

That is, unless I’m able to get a response from your sales team and sign an NDA and get that source, will attempts to follow the user manual and write my own access code (since I’m not using the ST or Nordic boards supported by the binaries) going to end in frustration?

(If so, it would be good to know that sooner rather than later! I’ve made a certain amount of progress already, but still facing some problems and mysteries.)

– egnor