Edited: deca_device.c missing in downloadable zip-archive | DWM3000 Assembly files for M0/M0+ architecture / ARMv6 instruction set

Hi UWB-folks out there,

I was wondering if there are plans to release DWM3000 lib files for M0 architecture too, instead of only providing M4 and M33 architecture releases.

Afaik they are not instruction set compatible, so a usage will fail, right?

If this is not planned in the near future: Are there ways to “convert” M4 assembly files into M0 assembly files?

I’m definitely not a pro to MCU programming and this actually is my first time working with .a libraries at all. Just to admit that.

EDIT: Or even better to ask:
The API description file DW3XXX_Software_API_Guide_2p2.pdf states on page 19 at the top:
These functions are implemented in the device driver source code file “deca_device.c”, written in the ‘C’ programming language.

But where the heck is this file?

It is not included in the download in dwm3000evb_release_v1.2.zip, right?

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I’m not sure why it’s not included in the zip you have, it really should be.
The full source code for the drivers are included in the DWS3000 driver and API package available from the link below.

That file is then in:

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Hi AndyA,

this link at least get’s me started with DWM3000.

Still the given link contains a quite old api version (v. 4.0.0) instead of the latest api version (v. 6.0.7) contained in software release v.1.2 (which I found here at DWS3000 API Software and API Guide btw).

Do you know who should be informed to fix this archive and insert deca_device.c in it?

Kind regards

Professionals, please answer. It’s really not friendly at all. Consider changing chips from other countries

The answer is meaningless. This code is meaningless

Hey bush,

I am definitely not happy with this answer, too, but have a look at this:

Regarding to this post the deca_device.c file is missing due to proprietary code.
Therefore you need to sign a Non-Disclosure-Agreement (NDA) before getting access to the non-precompiled files.

Kind regards

An additional information for you @bush,

I contacted sales of Decawave more than 2 weeks ago - yet with no response.
Please consider contacting Qorvo sales team directly.

Kind regards

Kind regards
thank you。

To my understanding, Qorvo provides UWB driver as a static library to unify user experience. The target is Nordic which is Cortex-M4 (and M33), so logically they include support of these platforms.

To my understanding, they want to have BLE+UWB in the future and the mainstream Nordic BLE chips are all M4/M33.

Hi AndyA could you please send “DWS3000_Software-and-API-Guide.zip” to my Email 759686665@qq.com I can’t get deca_device.c on qorvo.com. Very appreciate!!!