Run and Bulid Error in DWM 1002 Module

Dear Qorvo Technical Personnel,

I apologize for any inconvenience caused by my inquiry. I am currently working on a research project on UWB using Decawave commercial devices, and I have encountered some issues that I am unable to resolve on my own. Therefore, I am seeking your assistance.

We have purchased your DWM1002 Module and wish to modify the node’s source code to achieve a specific function. Our goal is to alter the node’s source code so that a node with multiple antennas can function as a tag with multiple antennas. And the details are shown at this link Can I use PDOA-NODE-DWM 1002 Module as the tag with multiple antennas? - Wireless Connectivity / Ultra-Wideband - Qorvo Tech Forum

As a first step, we attempted to verify the board’s functionality by connecting the evaluation board to the PC following the instructions in the PDOA_Node_Source_Code_Guide.pdf. The connection was successful, but when I loaded the source code of DWM 1002 Module into the Segger IDE, built, and ran the code, I encountered several warnings about corrupted include files and an error indicating that the TLS is not adjacent(The details are shown in the attached several figures).

By the way, we are using Windows 10 and I am unsure if the OS is related to this issue. I am unable to determine the cause of this errors and would appreciate any guidance or solutions you can provide.

Your assistance with the question and the reported error would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much for your prompt attention to this matter.

@Sending, regarding the linking issue, can you try with some old SES versions like version V4.xx ? let me know if this is working or not.

OK, I will try it.
Thanks for your guidance~

I have checked the SES Version V4.xx, which is for RISC-V.
But It seems that as the document says, nRF52832 ARM MCU is the MCU used onto the Decawave’s DWM1001 hardware platform. I don’t know why we should try these versions…

And I have downloaded SES V4.52C and V4.42. When I start the IDE, They both show that “Unrecoverable failure: The evaluation period for this release has now expired”.

Why you download Embedded Studio for RISC-V instead of Embedded Studio for ARM as below

SDK for DWM1002 has been released long time ago, we built and tested with old SES like V4.xx or V5.xx, check which one is currently working for you.

Thank you very much! Maybe the problem has been fixed.
After trying some different versions, I find that most versions like V4.XX were caught with the uncovered error “The evalution period for this release has now expired” because there was not a valid license ,which is a license violation.

And the version V5.64 is available. The runing result is as follows:

I think it has been run and built successfully.