QM33120WDK1 SDK Release

DW3_QM33 SDK is now available for download at this link: https://www.qorvo.com/products/d/da008582

The package is mainly released for QM33120WDK1: https://www.qorvo.com/products/p/QM33120WDK1 and it is compliant with FiRa™ PHY/MAC specification

You can find inside the package

  • Binary and Source code of CLI (Command Line interface) version.

  • Binary and Source code of UCI (Universal Command Interface) version to be used together with QorvoOne GUI or with Python Scripts provided inside the package.


Dear Wassim,

I require your assistance. I have purchased the Qorvo QM33120WDK1 system, and although I have downloaded the user guide, I am unable to locate the QorvoOne GUI software. Could you please help me with this?

Thank you.

Hi @taha12mo ,

This should be inside the package you can download from the website with the link given above.


You should go to QorvoOne_Gui\Exe, and then select the software you want to use according to your system.


Dear Wasim,

First of all, I want to thank you for your help with my previous issue. However, I am facing another problem now. The system I am using is not stable and is providing inconsistent results. For instance, in the same position, it sometimes gives me a value of 10, while at other times it gives me 0.

Thank you for your continued assistance.

Best regards,

Hi @taha12mo ,

Can you describe more in details your setup ?
What kit you’re using ? Which antennas ? What’s 10 and 0? Is it distance or angle ? Which real distance you’re measuring in this case?

Sorry for the confusion. I am using the QM33120WDK1.1 system, which consists of two parts: the QM33120WEVB with A0A technique and the QM33100WEVB. I have set up the system, installed the required programs on the card, and connected my computer using a USB cable. Then, I opened the Qorvo One software and followed the steps outlined in the user guide. However, I am encountering stability issues with the results. The tag point keeps changing rapidly from one position to another. For example, at time ‘x,’ the tag shows an angle of 10° and a range of 0.3m, but at time ‘x+1,’ the tag shows an angle of -5° and a range of 0.1m.

Conecting to J-Link…
ERROR: Can not connect to J-Link via TCP/IP (, port 19020)
No emulators found.
Cannot connect to J-Link.