Power consumption MDEK, DWM 1001

Hello! What capacity of power banks is enough to provide one year operation of case with 4 anchors and 15 tags?

Hi Nikita,

Maybe have a look at the battery life calculator for dwm1001 based products:


If I understood right this calculator is only for tag power consumption. And what about anchors consumption?

Hi Nikita,

Anchors are supposed to be powered by mains. They are not optimized for low power performance.

By architecture, the anchors must be in UWB receive mode very often, and it induces a high power consumption.

To give you an idea, with a 16340 700maH Li-ion battery the anchors can usually performs for around 15 hours.


Hi @Yves_Bernard,

Do you have an Excel sheet like the DWM1001_Battery_Lifetime_Estimator but for the Anchor.

Do you think it’s possible to use the anchor on battery for 30 days ?

As you say, the anchor must stay in UWB receive mode. But do you think it’s possible with a custom software in the User App stack of the DWM1001.

Thank you for your answer.