Nrf-connect sdk or nrf5 SDK for DWM3001C

Dear Qorvo team,
I am starting a new project based on DWM3001C module. I have found two set of sample software : and Both are based on nrf5 SDK.
Nordic seems to recommand that new projects should be based in nrfConnect SDK and not nrf5 SDK.
So, I would like to get your opinion about the feasibility/advisability to start my project with nrfConnect SDK … Or is it mandatory to use nrf5 SDK ?
Best Regards

nrfConnect SDK is Zephyr RTOS based, this is a huge shift if you are familiar with standard nrf5 SDK, which is FreeRTOS and Baremetal based.

Your choice should depend on how much of your time would you want to invest in this. You get examples based on nrf5 SDK, which can help you move your project quicker.

If you have much free time - try to understand the differences between nrf5 SDK and nrfConnect, and then try to port projects from one to another. This is doable, but not very easy.

Good luck!

Hello Alliv,
Thanks for your prompt and clear reply. I don’t have much “free time” :slight_smile: so I might select the fastest option. Anyway, it’s good to know that both are feasible.
Best Regards

Hi @thierry37
please note that nrf5 SDK is obsolete now (for almost a year already) and only security patches will be released. All future development will be done in nrfConnect SDK (Zephyr RTOS based).