Mosfet Power losses not available for a subcircuit model

I have a third party mosfet provided as a .subckt file.

I have copied the normal mosfet symbol, replaced the library file and used symbol type X and it seems to work fine.

When implementing this in a model, I cannot plot the losses P(M1) which is normally available for a mosfet modelled as VDMOS model
Drain and Source currents are also not available without extra resistors.

Is there a workaround?

Hi, I saw also this problem with not being able to see the drain/source currents and power with third party mosfet. I am not sure why is so, and if this should be like that. As a workaround is what you said by putting extra resistors for reading the drain and source currents or by putting a voltage source of 0V to achieve the same thing.

Hi, I am also facing the same problem not able to see the current and power waveforms for 3rd party subcircuit models. I am not able to fix it. For LTspice the 3rd party models are working with current and power waveforms.

Mike explained why subcircuit pin current monitoring is not yet implemented in Qspice in this post.
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