Plotting pin currents of custom created symbols

Hi All, I have created a netlist device and instantiated it with a dedicated symbol

I wanted to check the pins currents but they are not saved in the raw data:

I was expecting to see also X1:I(VG), X2:I(VS), etc…

Is there a way to tell Qspice to save also these data (without explicitly using the .save command but rather do it automatically for all the instantiated symobls) ?

Thanks in advance!

Also, would it be possible to plot these pin currents with the convenient poit-and-click feature from the schematic editor ?

That isn’t currently supported. I think I was the first person to implement subcircuit pin current monitoring(at least I did it years before PSpice). But I very much don’t like how I implemented it and plan to implement it correctly at some later time.


I see, well in the meantime I will use the usual workaround: 0V voltage source as “current probe” in-line with the interesting pins. Looking forward to the next implementation. Thanks!

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