Loop Stability Analysis

Zout to NISM: Output Impedance to Non-Invasive Stability Measurement

There are a couple of very interesting posts evaluating control loop stability on this forum.

…and let me add one more.

My new article (part-9) is live now, at Microwave Journal, by using PyQSPICE shown in this post, that explains output impedance Zout to non-invasive stability measurement NISM.

The beauty of this method is that we can execute an actual measurement, in the same way we simulate, when our PCB is ready on the bench.
==> That’s the naming of “non-invasive” on your board.

FYI, the Part-8 and Part-9 of my posts are summarized on my Jupyter Lab notebook and this illustrates power of Python scripting for an entire engineering report writing :stuck_out_tongue: .


I introduced my time-domain-base loop analysis article in another thread.

This is my 1st part of total 2-part mini-series. In the 2nd part (I’m writing now), I’ll use this method on a switching regulator model.