Looking for IGBT model for QSPICE

I want to play with an inductive heater system. Are there any native IGBT QSPICE models yet? If not, does anybody have a pointer for a reasonable subcircuit?

Infineon IGW40N120H3 is used to demonstrate simulation with IGBT. Other manufacturers also offer simulation model, but normally IGBT is in .subckt model.
A custom symbol is required (depends on how subckt is configured). I upload the IGBT symbol which works for L1 single IGBT model for IGBT_1200V_HighSpeed3_L1.lib into this Github link, including .qsch for IC vs VCE and IC vs Vge as reference.

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This is what look like in the package.

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This is where you can download Infineon IGBT 1200V HighSpeed3 SPICE model (L1)

Infineon Technologies - IGBT 1200V HighSpeed3 SPICE model (L1)

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Thanks! I’ll give a try this weekend.

When I run this part (using your circuit), I get a message:
Warning: Encountered unexpected character: ‘Â’ in IGBT_1200V_HighSpeed3_L1.lib

Is there something I’m doing wrong?


In IGBT_1200V_HighSpeed3_L1.lib, it used ‘Â’ in 25oC in comment. This special character is in comment line and not affecting simulation. You can simply ignore this warning or delete that character in the library file.

Searching through the .lib file, I can’t find the “Â’” character to remove it. My text editor can find it when I place one in the file, so I know the search function works. Also, I can’t find “25oC” in the file.
Can you tell me where in the file it might be?


Use Qspice to open this library file [File > Open, In extension, select All File (.)]
You can also use Notepad++ to open library, but you have to change Encoding to ANSI.

[Carl slaps forehead . . .]
It’s all in the details . . .
I missed the degree symbol (typed as o instead of °) extending my state of confusion. Thanks for your patience and help.


Some models have 4 electrodes