Legal/Copyright issues?

Hello, me with 2 friend are working on a localization project with several sensors and we are planning to buy and use either DWM1001 or DWM1001-DEV devices on it as well. If we manage to get a proper working device we are planning to sell it. Will there be any legal or copyright issues? If there will be, how do we solve that problem? My english isnt that good and couldnt find information about this on the website.

Copyright issues will depend on exactly what software/firmware you end up using but there shouldn’t be a problem.

In terms of other legal issues, you have all of the normal regulatory requirements that apply for any electronics that you wish to sell as an end product.
Since the DWM1001 is sold as a module for inclusion in a product and the DWM1001-DEV is a development kit not an end product they are exempt from this requirement but if you make a product that uses them you won’t be.
As noted here: DWM1001 Now FCC, IC and CE Certified! the DWM1001 has approval as a pre-certified radio module for certain countries, that means that within those countries you only have to do the standard testing and certification required for non-radio products, something that massively simplifies things. Outside of those countries getting approval will involve a lot more paperwork.

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Just to clarify:
I would like to take the DWM1001-DEV board and make some changes to it, like:

  1. Lowering power consumption, by disconnecting JLink, maybe some other components, replacing battery (or should I say including rechargeable battery in the board), etc.
  2. Building new plastic enclosure.
  3. Changing firmware to include data from accelerometer and other (additional) sensors we might include.

So if I do all that I will need to FCC certify the radio module (since DWM1001 is not DWM1001C)?
If yes, then what is the alternatives? Taking DWM1001C and developing the board, the firmware, the PANS 2 from scratch?

Anyway, to simplify the question: how can I make a product from DWM1001-DEV board with minimum R&D and FCC certification? Is replacing the radio module with one that has “C” suffix is the solution from the certification point of view?

As long as you follow the requirements in the modular approval, the FCC certification remains in effect. This means operating with the correct TX_POWER settings for your operation (typically baked into the firmware), no modification of the antenna or RF section, no change to the basic layout, ground planes, etc. Basically, as long as your changes don’t affect the radio signal itself, then the certification should hold. Your changes appear to not have any impact on the RF characteristics of the module, so would be permissive from what you describe.

Even if the DWM1001C retains the FCC certification, you STILL need to meet the unintended radiation limits in 47 CFR 15.209. This is true with any module installed in a larger system. This is far less costly than a certification for the transmitter, but still requires a test lab to do properly. Systems with certified modules fail 47 CFR 15.209 all the time due to other things like noisy power supplies, ringing clock lines, long data lines, etc. Modular approval of the DWM1001C does NOT remove the 47 CFR 15.209 requirement for the entire full system.

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