DWM1001 Now FCC, IC and CE Certified!

Decawave has just received Grants of Equipment Authorization from the US Federal Communication Commission (FCC) and Technical Acceptance Certification from Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) for its DWM1001C UWB Module. The grants/certification cover the operation of the on-module UWB and BLE transmitters, and are single modular approvals. This means a customer can incorporate the DWM1001C into a system, manufacture and sell such system without obtaining new authorizations, as long as they observe any use-case or other restrictions that apply to the corresponding rule sets (FCC Subpart C 15.250 and 15.247) and ISED (RSS-220, RSS-247).

The DWM1001C now also carries the CE Mark, which is the indication of Decawave’s self-certification of conformity to health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA).

Copies of the corresponding documents can be obtained by contacting Decawave, via the FCC website at: https://apps.fcc.gov/oetcf/eas/reports/GenericSearch.cfm (FCC ID 2AQ33-DWM1001)

or via Canada’s Radio Equipment search at:

https://sms-sgs.ic.gc.ca/equipmentSearch/searchRadioEquipments?execution=e1s1&lang=en_CA (Certification Number 23794-DWM1001).



What are the differences between the DWM1001 and the DWM1001C in terms of Hardware and Software? They are compatible?

When you publish Release2, will it still be FCC, or will you have to re-pass the certification?

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There is no difference in the hardware design. The parts are labeled with DWM1001C, CE, FCC and IC logos.
Parts marked DWM1001 are not certified. A PCN will be issued. The parts will hit the Disti shelves over in the final week of December. Release 2 will be compliant, the certified radio settings and temp/voltage compensation routines etc will be in place in that firmware.

Great to hear about the successful certification, congratulations!

Is there any information for developers what software & settings must be used to keep certification?
We run our DWM1001s with a heavy modification of the github project and want to be compliant to avoid recertification.
If I understand correctly Release 2 will be published at a later (unknown) time.

Hi Szapo,

The certification is valid for the RF configuration : Channel 5, 6.8Mbps, Preamble length 128, PRF 64MHz.

Regarding the Tx power level, as there is a slight variation depending on the DWM1001C module, you must read the value from the OTP memory.

Please note the OTP Tx Power value is correct only for DWM1001C parts.

You may have to add a temperature and voltage compensation routine within your application to make sure the TX power level remains within regulation limits when temperature or voltage change occur. This functionality will be implemented in the next release of PANS.

You must ensure your application respects the regulation rules (depending on your region). As an indication (but please verify directly from your regulation entity), the minimum rules to respect are :

  • Maximum EIRP spectral density : 41.3 dBm/MHz
  • Low duty cycle to respect (ETSI)

For Europe :

For US:

Decawave’s application note about regulation :

Please keep in mind that the end customer must make sure its final product (application + hardware) complies with the regulation in order to inherit from the modular certification.


For the EU, does it also mean that the product based on DWM1001 requires no additional certification? Because there is no low duty cycle for the CH 5.

When will this certified radio module be in stock?

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Shipping by the end of the year.

See the attached, worth a read wrt certification and CE…REDCA TGN 01 RED Radio equipment -modules published version 1.0.pdf (231.6 KB)

Hi, great to hear that! Is Decawave going to publish a document about how to take Decawave based product through the European and US certification process? Like you did with with DWM1000 in 2015 (probably some EN has changed and of course, directives (RED)). Our company plans to get CE and FCC marking.

Hi Yves,

Is the FCC certification for the DWM1001 Module valid for other UWB RF Channels and Configurations?
Example - Channel 2, 110Kbps, Preamble length 1024, PRF 64MHz.
Provided we respect the below rules -

  • Maximum EIRP spectral density : 41.3 dBm/MHz
  • Low duty cycle to respect (ETSI)

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Hi Deepa,

No, in this case you will have to go through full certification.

The current certification is valid for the configuration below only:
Channel 5, 6.8Mbps, Preamble length 128, PRF 64MHz.

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Hi Yves,

Thank you for the clarifications.


Hello everyone - I have a 12 x off the DWM1001 in a MDEK1001 development kit

How can I update these units to the latest fcc/ce approved firmware? - is the binary available and will they behave similarly to the DWM1001C ?

I have been holding out until the the updated PANS - is this also the same binary?

We hope to finally release PANS R2 at the end of March. This release will have the compliant firmware. It will be available on our site and announced on the forum. Thanks.

Hello Decawave Team,
Refering to your Latest announce about DWM1001C (December 2018), Could you please inform me about “DWM1001 Dev-Board” availability in market with new certified module?


The next batch of DWM1001-DEV Evaluation boards will be on disti shelves in early April.
These will have DWM1001C modules mounted. All new DWM1001-DEV’s will be shipped Blank, no firmware programmed.

Customers will have to get the PANS firmware from the Decawave website.


The DWM1001C DoC and Test reports are posted here - https://www.decawave.com/product/dwm1001-module/