Is Decawave mobile application not compatible with Intel Dual Band Wireless - AC 8260?

There is a Panasonic device which has Intel Dual Band Wireless - AC 8260 as Hardware. I had communication with Panasonic Team and they are asking if Decawave application is compatible with Intel chip?


What do you mean by decawave application ?


Decawave Mobile application which is used to configure Anchors and Tags along with setting up the network.

Ok, I assume you refering to the android application allowing to configure a PANS network using DWM1001 ? (Such as what is delivered with MDEK1001 ?)

In this case, unfortunately I cannot be 100% positive regarding its compatibility with the AC 8260 chip. The application is design to work on Android device (6.0 or more recent but we are aware of compatibility issues with some specific android device).

I guess the best to do it to give it a go.

This being said, we have recently released a new version of the firmware that reduce the dependency on the android application. Indeed configuration can be done over serial communication, and network monitoring can be done through a web application. You can fine more information on the following thread :

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Thank you for the detailed information.

Where can I find the web application? Please help

Hi Himanshu,

Please read the Gateway_Quick_Deployment_Guide documentation.

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We have gone through the documentation you have mentioned but we do not find any URL from where Web application can be accessed.
This is written in the document:
“In order to connect to the web-manager, it is necessary to connect to the proxy-server host IP address using a web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.”

We are not able to figure out the exact way of invoking the URL. Can you please help me with that? If possible, the steps of doing the same.

Though, we have found the source code for Android application and we are using it.

Hi Himanshu,

The web application is currently host on the raspberry pi deployed as a gateway within the system.

The url will be this raspberry pi IP address on the network.

Have you followed the guide by adding a raspberry pi ?


Does that mean the web manager was part of the raspbian image given by decawave?
Also how do we connect to the IP address using a web browser?

Is this how you establish connection with the gateway module?