DWM1001 PANS Release 2

We are pleased to announce the PANS release 2!

The product documentation has been updated on our website to reflect the new features, see the new package download here (https://www.decawave.com/dwm1001-dw10001-dev-and-mdek1001-documents-source-code-android-application-firmware-image/)

For existing DWM1001 PANS deployments we recommend that customers erase and reflash the R2 hex file (/DWM1001/Factory_Firmware_Image/DWM1001_PANS_R2.0.hex)

We encourage that you spend time to review the document in the package folder: DWM1001/Product and Design Documents

DWM1001_Gateway_Quick_Deployment_Guide, DWM1001_System_Overview , DWM1001-API-Guide and DWM1001-Firmware-User-Guide

We now provide the PANS project in a Segger Embedded Studio project.

This IDE is free to use on any Nordic MCU platform so no need to worry about an IDE license.

The Virtual Box is no longer supported.

Note: The Android APK availability on Google Play is pending so for the moment please use the APK provided in the package


Thank you a lot :slight_smile:

thank you so much :grinning:

I’ve had no luck trying to install the APK on my phone (its sort of locked down due to being a corporate phone). The old app from the app store works just fine.

How long does it normally take to get a new version of the app on the app store?

  • Jon

Hi Jon,

It may take some time before the android application is back on the playstore. The main reason is because we have to update the android SDK that was used to generate it. Unfortunately, at the moment we don’t know when we will be able to achieve that task.

With the new release, the android application is not mandatory anymore. A network can be configured over serial interface, and the network can be monitored with the web manager.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

I got a loaner non-corp phone for a few days, and successfully installed the new app. It seems to not work as well (reliably) as the old version - I upgraded 5 of my beacons (using the JFlash tool), and it is very iffy about updating network info…

Hi Jon,

If you are seeing new issues with the android DRTLS manager please create a separate thread and we can look at it in detail.

Please note all nodes belonging to a network should use the new firmware version. The old one is deprecated and if you system mix both you will see issues.


let’s say i changed my units to Firmware R2 can i go back to the old version by using factory image and eclipse on VM image from release 1 if the first release was more adequate for my application.
Because let me just say eliminating the listner unit erase all the plannig and ideas i developped and followed in my work.

Hi Amhed,

The listener is still available with the new release.

To clarify we haven’t removed any feature, only added some.


Congratulations to the whole team on the release. I have some follow up questions :slight_smile:

The excel sheet that calculates power consumption for the TAG (battery duration) does it apply to the gateway mode? which is non-ble?

Do you have an estimation on capacity ( tags per anchor) in a gateway mode?


Hi Tearus,

The gateway mode is not really non-ble. You an use BLE but in this case it is not possible to enable AES encryption of UWB packets. If you whish to encrypt the packet, then the BLE is not available.

EDIT: If your question was referring to the actual gateway itself, then I want to clarify that yes, BLE cannot be enabled on the gateway. You can still use BLE on anchors/tags which belong to a network with gateway.

The power calculator is currently not updated , but R2 tag consumption will be similar. Please note anchors and gateway are meant to be powered by the main.

EDIT: To be a bit more specific, the tag power consumption will actually be better with this new release but we haven’t quite quantify by how much yet.

Regarding the system capacity, please refer to the system overview enad performance guide, it is widely covered. Adding a gateway does not reduce the system capacity. You just need to make sure that the device you want to track are within UWB range with the gateway.


still u haven’t answer my question if i was to change the firmware on the units to R2 can i go back to release 1 like described in the first version of the documents for the MDEK1001 kit .

We do not recommend users to develop product with the R1 as it contains a umber of uncorrected bugs.

But yes, if you still have the R1 binary file nothing prevent you from re-flashing your R2 devices with R1.


Thanks a lot for the release.


The Decawave Positioning and Networking Stack (“PANS”), available as a library accompanied by source code that allows a level of user customisation. The PANS software is pre-installed and runs on the Module as supplied, and enables mobile “tags”, fixed “anchors” and “gateways” that together deliver the DWM1001 Two-Way-Ranging Real Time Location System (“DRTLS”) Network.

But I can’t fing the PANS’s source code

You have somewhat answered your own question.
PANS is shipped as a library/binary only. There is no source code for this library available for download.

There is a Segger Embedded Studio project provided that includes this library and allows customers to make a bespoke application on top of the PANS.

thanks a lot!
I’m waiting for long time!

Is there a plan to open pans’s source code.

Hi Killeder,

It is currently not planned to open the PANS core library for DWM1001/C.

Thank you,