Is Asymmetric two way ranging algorithm free to use or do one need to purchase license from decawave?

Recently i came across patent document of decawave in which they have claimed on asymmetric two way ranging algorithm mentioned below

Although the same algorithm is readily available with opensource projects

Hence I am confused whether this same algorithm can be used for commercial development of products for free or do one need to pay licensing fee to use them ?

Patents are made for protection. If you are using DW patents for Decawave chip, why should they chase you? Also why not ask Decawave grant you use the patent for your project, why not?

Which open source project have you seen who implements this patent?
The examples by Decawave all seem to be for Symmetric TWR only.

Hi Thomas,

The source code for asymmetric double-sided two-way ranging that you can download is under license but it can be used for evaluation ofourse and commercial purposes without any issue as long as you do so with Decawave products. ( we wouldn’t be in business if this wasn’t possible).

However we actually do not have code for symmetric double-sided two-way ranging.

But you can use either scheme if you wish without any issue as long as you do so with Decawave products.

I hope this is enough to satisfy you that you are ok using whatever scheme as long as it is with our Decawave chip.