Initial conditions not working

I have created a circuit to put 63V on a capacitor using .ic and uic

when I run this circuit, the voltage on node o1 remains at 0 instead of starting at 63V
some mishtake surely?

Removing uic from .tran resolve problem…
But LTspice show correct result with and without uic.

UIC has different meanings to different simulators. To Berkeley SPICE, it means don’t do the .op, i.e., it’s like the PSpice skipbp. However, in Berkeley SPICE, that is when instance initial conditions are used. I might change the QSPICE behavior to be more like the PSpice behavior because that is more common.

Anyway, as of today, just remove “uic”:

If you want to use UIC, you have to put the condition on the instance. But then the .ic V(…)=… statements are ignored:


Well, I’m coming from LTspice…
I guess it’s not helpful that “UIC” may have stood for Use Initial Conditions in some version or other.
Something for the Help file? (if it’s not already in there)