Importing DW1000 examples

I am trying to import the DW1000 examples into system workbench for STM32. When i click the project it opens in system workbench as expected. Although it will give a lot of semantic errors when i attempt to build. Any options i would have to change or anything else that i miss?

Side question:
Is it possible to program the dwm1000 using the dw1000 example code?

Hi J_K,

Yep it is possible to use the example code with a DWM1000 as it can be used with TREK and EVK
Which version of the example code is it you’re trying to build? Coocox or the CubeMX?
And if coocox, what version of coocox are you using?




I am using the CubeMX project. In combination with STM32 system workbench

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Hi J_K,
We have actually a CubeMX doc, please find attached.
Its meant for TREK but could be applied to anything with a ST Processor , especially the EVK/TREK STM32F105RC


Thank you!
Are there also any wiring scematics available?

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Hi J_K

See schematic and how to… in APPENDIX 1. EVB1000 EXTERNAL CONTROL CONNECTIVITY in the EVK user manual. Both are attched.
EVB1000_schematic_0.04.pdf.pdf (445.3 KB)

/Leo EVK1000_User_Manual.pdf (1.4 MB)