How to achieve distance measurement of a tag by multiple anchor

hello everyone,
I have just been exposed to UWB technology,I followed STM32 example have implemented ranging for one init and one resp,Now I want to achieve two anchor ranging a tag,But the qorvo did not provide relevant reference example , and I am not very clear about the specific implementation steps. Can someone help me provide an implementation of C code.Thank you very much.

If you have code for one initiator and one responder then you can make the change to do that yourself.

Change the message the initiator sends to include a responder ID.
Set each responder to have a different ID.
Change the responder so that it only responds if the message from the initiator contains the correct ID.

Thank you for your answer!
I understand that these are actually the IDs that the software filters through different settings? I don’t know if I understand, right?
In fact, both the Blink sent by the tag and the Ranging Init Message sent by the anchor are similar to the broadcast data of the ble,Filter based on ID upon receipt?
But there’s one more question,If the blink sent by a tag is received by multiple anchors and the anchor simultaneously replies to the tag Ranging Init Message, how should the tag be handled?

Yes, you implement a software filter based on the ID contained within the message.
If the ID doesn’t match you ignore the message.
Keep in mind that unless you wish to conform to a specific standard the contents and structure of the messages are entirely up to you.

If multiple anchors reply simultaneously then the tag will either only receive one of those replys or none of them depending on the relative signal strengths and exact timings.
You normally want to design the system so that no two devices ever send messages simultaneously.
Either the anchors only reply if the message contained their ID or they each wait a different length of time before sending a reply.

Thank you very much.Oh! I I’ll give it a try.
That is to say, the communication of UWB is completely similar to the advertising of BLE,UWB communication is not point-to-point,The receiving end filters through software,and carry out corresponding processing.I don’t know if my understanding is correct?