Distance measurement using dwm3001c

Hi Team,
I am trying to measure “tag” distance from an “anchor” using dwm3001 EVBs.

My setup involves 4 evb’s kept as anchors at four corners of a square (2M^2). I am keeping the tag in the center and moving it slowly in all direction, to ascertain the distance. While doing this experiment, I observe:
1.At one instance, “tag” is able to communicate with only one “anchor”. Other anchors serial port data is showing err.
2. The serial port command used to set multiport is not helping to latch to the rest of the anchors.

Below are my queries:
1.Is this experiment correct to measure the moving “tag’s” distance in a bound environment?
2.Is it possible for the “tag” to communicate with multiple anchors simultaneously?
3.What is the actual method to measure the distance of “tag” to multiple “anchors”?

If I carry out one “tag” and one “anchor”, I am able to measure the distance.

Please refer " How to achieve distance measurement of a tag by multiple anchor" which talks about distance measurement using multiple anchors.
Please share the code link for initiator and responder settings.