Help with BLE in the DWM1001c module

I´m a junior reasercher and I´m working with the DWM1001 module in a set of four anchors and one tag. I would like to recive through BLE all the distances between anchor to anchor and anchor to tag. I´ve tried with nrf connect for desktop Bluetooth Low Energy but the technical support form “Nordic Semiconductor” answered me: “I am afraid that DWM1001 cannot be supported by the nRF Connect Bluetooth Low Energy”. So I´m a little bit lost of how I can recive all this distances through BLE in my computer (Windows). I also have a BLE adapter: usba-bluetooth-v5-c2 (startech). Can you please guide me to obtain all this information?


Hi @laura.ece
you need to start with the documentation 8-). See my post here: How to use bluetooth mode in Programming language(Python,Javascript)? - #4 by leapslabs