Help getting started with DWM1001-DEV

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I am trying to use the DWM1001 development boards to get the position of a tag and measure acceleration. I have so far tried Serial/UART with Arduino Due, Spi with Arduino Due, and am currently trying Serial/UART direct to my computer (picture below). Currently I am just trying to get something understandable from the DWM1001.

I have been sending it “si” to get the system info as per the API guide. When communicating with the board through the Arduino I would get nothing with SPI or Serial/UART.

Now that I have connected it straight to my laptop and sent it commands through either the Arduino IDE or puTTY I am getting back a bit of mumbo jumbo that I’m not even able to copy into this post (backwards question marks and boxes etc). While this is unreadable at least it is something.

Another thing to note is that there is only one LED working on the board (D20, on-board J-link active) and that flashes fast. None of the other indicator LED’s have shown any life.

I have started to wonder if the board didn’t come flashed and so isn’t recognizing what I am sending it.

Doe anyone have any ideas what could be wrong with it and how I might be able to fix it. Any data that I can get from it at this stage will be amazing.

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Never mind! I’ve figured it out! It turns out that the DWM1001-DEV boards that I was sent were delivered without the firmware image already on it. So, for anyone having the same problem as me refer to the firmware user guide I have linked below. Go to page 15 and read how to flash the boards with the firmware image. Make sure you use J-flash lite because J-flash will require a license to be used. Once the board has been flashed with the image then you can use puTTY or a similar interface to send the API commands to the DecaWave.

I hope this helps

DWM1001-Firmware-User-Guide.pdf (1.6 MB)