FW Release 2 - Router function?

I have noticed on the updated system diagram in Release 2 that there doesn’t seem to be a “router” function - only tag/anchor/gateway.

My understanding was that the “router” was to provide the backhaul via UWB to a network-connected gateway. Now it appears that this function is eliminated.

Can anyone confirm this is the case? Any plan with a future release/update to add the router function? I think it is a very useful feature to have - otherwise large-scale deployment really requires the (Ethernet/Wifi) network infrastructure to be present everywhere the tags are.

Hi cwallace,

The concept of “routing anchor” was initially part of the system but we have had to remove it as the performance was unfortunately not satisfying.

Such routing requires extensive data, and as a consequence longer UWB frames. In order to comply with regulation, those frames had to be transmitted at a reduced Tx power level, and the ultra wide band range was significantly reduced.

There is currently no plan to develop this feature with a future version of PANS.


Thank you for confirming and providing this information.