DWM1001 PANS Release 2

Hi,I am now using DWM1001C module and Firmware_Image"DWM1001_PANS_R2.0.hex" it works well, so I want separate DWM1001C use NRF52832 and IC-DW1000, I want add PA and LNA,between the antenna and the DW1000
I found in “APS004_Increasing-the-Range-of-DW1000-Using-LNA_v1.6” and “APS009_Operating-the-DW1000-under-LAES-regulations_v1.4” ,when use PA and LNA,some GPIO and some Register must be use to control the DW1000
So how can I use DWM1001_PANS_R2.0-API to control it?
Thanks a lot

Peter Sun

Hi Ken,

I did not quite understand your comment “Connect a USB cable…”

What is the expected baud rate, etc?

I connect to the board on mac via CoolTerm, but no output?



In the thread I was referring to the DWM1001-DEV. In that case the terminal settings:
are image

Can I change the channel?
If possible, please tell me how.
I want to use channel 3.

The DWM1001C antenna is optimized for CH5, the certification FCC/ETSI is based on CH5 (plus other RF parameters) so makes little sense

Hi! I’m confused too about routing anchors.
It is my understanding from DWM1001_System_Overview (figure 2) that Bridge Nodes obtain Tags positions from the Tag itself during Group Poll Messages (not from the anchors). From the whole document and Message descriptions I would say that that’s true.

I found in this topic that

  1. The Gateway will collect all the Location and IoT data which it can see from the in-range Anchors and Tags.

But I also found here that

The concept of “routing anchor” was initially part of the system but we have had to remove it as the performance was unfortunately not satisfying.

I’m probably mixing two diffent topics but I got lost between the documentation and the topics on this forum. I would really appreciate a your help.

Thanks in advance

We want to use MDEK1001, which is applied to the range of 1kmX1km outdoors. Do you have any suggestions on how to use it?
Our application is personnel positioning, and there is a distance between upstairs and downstairs

Please consult your local regulatory body for UWB rules. In general fixed UWB infrastructure is not allowed.

We bought MDEK1001 kit to see what UWB was able to do and now we want to make a demo
What we need to do for the demo: add a read/write characteristic in the BLE advertized service to be able to access the user data seen in the API guide and modify the Android application to access the user data through BLE.
I understand that PANS is shipped as a library/binary only.
If I’m not wrong, the BLE service advertized by the nodes is in PANS so I believe that a characteristic can’t be added to the existing service.
But do you think that it’s possible, in the application part, as in dwm-api-test, to define another service with this read/write characteristic to access user data ?
I believe that PANS is using code that is in SoftDevice part to create the existing BLE service, is it possible to use as well the s132_nrf52_3.0.0 API (SoftDevice header files) to link to SoftDevice part and do this new BLE service ?
And can we make it be advertized as well as the existing one, the one that is in PANS library ?
Feel free to let me know if I’m wrong somewhere in my understanding

Hi @Jean-Luc
sorry that is not possible. You dont have an access from user space to softdevice.


@Kenneth_Dwyer_DW , @Yves_Bernard

The link in the initial post is dead.

As far as I can tell, there is no link from the product page for the DWM1001 or any other DWM project that leads to it now.

However, a lot of documentation all points at that same page.

Can somebody either:

  1. Fix the existing link,
  2. Provide a new link, or
  3. Upload the file here?

Hi Taylor,
Please find the new link here as Decawave is now part of Qorvo : DWM1001C Product Overview
In the Documents Tab you will find all related documents.

Hope that helps,

Hi, the file is missing.

The initial post here shared the name of the file:

I have downloaded hundreds of files from the Qorvo website, including, I think, all of the zip files. The hex file that is mentioned in the initial post is missing.

The DWM1001 is utterly worthless without this file. It ships from Qorvo with no firmware - until it is flashed with this file, it looks pretty on a desk and is capable of absolutely nothing.

Hi there,

I fully confirm Taylor. I received two empty development boards and the links to flash firmware onto the boards are dead. Please provide a new link .

Hi @Taylor and @wga,

As I post on another part of the forum I have the PANS_R2.hex so if you want it, just send me a private message with your email address. And I will send you the file. (I can’t upload a .hex file on the forum)


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Hi David,

I got the file. Thank you very much!

Can you please send me PANS_R2.hex, I want for my dwm1001_dev board.
my email: marzie_moradi@yahoo.com


Hi @m.moradi ,

On this post : DWM1001 - Unable to locate DWM1001_PANS_R2.0.hex or .zip file on Qorvo website - #18 by leapslabs

Leapslabs post a link to a Google Drive folder with the PANS_R2 Firmware.

Dear sir;
Thanks a lot for your answer , I want DWM1001_PANS_R2.1.hex is this file is same to it?

Best regard

As far as i know there only a PANS_R2.hex file.

You can check on the website of Qorvo : DWM1001C - Qorvo