Feature request list?

Is there any way to see what “Feature Requests” have been accepted onto the “To Be Implemented” list? I’ve seen (and requested) several features that would make my job easier, but I don’t want to irritate the team by asking about the implementation schedule (or whether the feature request has been rejected).


Good suggestion…

Hope the Qspice team can put this request on the top…

Has there been any movement on this?

I would like to add:

the option to move degree axis from right to left, when only plotting phase


add horizontal lines in phase plot when only plotting phase

as well as:

add ‘‘minor’’ vertical lines in log plots

to the list.
Another thing that would be nice would be:

simplifying frequencys in plot winow (ie. displaying 1 kHz instead of 10^3Hz)

based on Flipped phase plot in ac analysis I would like to add:

add bode style negative phase values to right side axis in the graphe window

to the list, please.