DWM1004C Module


When will the DWM1004C Module be available for purchase?

The DWM1004-ES Kit will be available thru Digikey.
See newsletter - https://mailchi.mp/84f3e28baf27/november-updates-from-decawave-2125333?e=d002023c8e

Mass production parts are due in October.

The DWM1004-ES kit is now on Digikey shelves!
You can order here: https://www.digikey.com/products/en?keywords=DWM1004-ES

Hi, It’s not clear (for me) the scenario this module can be used.
The DWM1004 could be used as a tag, in a configuration of anchors in PANS2 release?
For example, 4 anchors based on DWM1001-dev, 1 gateway on RP3B and DWM1004C tags?

Hi Ramg,

The DWM1004C module is mostly targeting TDoA application, even though it could be used for a two way ranging application.

It is an ideal module very low power tag, which are required in large quantity within a TDoA system (and usually for a reduced cost) .

Please note that PANS was initially designed for the DWM1001C, and is not compatible with DWM1004C. One of the main reason for it is that DWM1004C’s host mcu is too small (in term of memory for example) to run PANS application.

If you wish more information regarding our TDoA solution, please contact decawave’s sales team.

Maybe have a look at the product brief of each module to clarify what is their core application,

Thanks Yves for your explanation.

It is even more unclear to me now.
I have a solution using MDEK1001 that is 4 Anchors + 1 Tag + 1 Raspi connected to Bridge module.
I get good accuracy results of 10cm-15cm with no much efforts (no calibration, etc) and the data can be pushed by Raspi MQTT Broker to some online brokers where I can get the data from with my laptop running custom MQTT Client/Analyzer/Tracker…

How do I build a similar (or not similar) system? Is there any product documentation?
What is the impact that PANS 2 is not used? How do you get the position of the tag - are the requirement of 4 Anchors remains the same? Is the Tag still the one that cdelivers position to the gateway?