DWM1001 - receiving tag location from anchors?

Is there a recommended way to get a tag location from the anchors? In the current firmware, I believe the location calculations are done on the tag, which would then need to be broadcast back to the anchors via bluetooth or uwb. I’d like to use as much functionality included in the existing APIs as possible without updating firmware if at all possible - is there a recommended approach?


Hi Matt,

when you talk about the current firmware, do you mean the Release 1?

I would recommend to update to Release 2 which supports Gateway functionality. It contains a lot of improvements and the firmware also complies to the FCC/ETSI regulation which is needed if you are developing a commercial product. Please refer to this post:

The position is indeed calculated on the Tag and its position is then sent to the Gateway (consisting from a Bridge node and a Raspberry PI). In the Release 2 both uplink and downlink data are supported. You can communicate easily with the nodes via MQTT Broker.


I’m referring to release 2.

I recall the bridge/gateway node solution with DWM1000 modules through a 3rd party, which was limited because the bridge node had to be within range of tags to receive locations. For example, if a deployment had hundreds of anchors, I needed dozens of bridges/gateways to receive tag information.

Can an anchor also be a bridge/gateway concurrently? This means every anchor can also be a gateway/bridge, and i’d simply have to consolidate tag locations on the server side.

Hi Matt,

Ok, I think I understand what do you want. We are working on a such solution. At the moment I cannot provide details about the solution yet, but if you want then please sign-up our mailing list and we will let you know when it will be ready: https://www.leapslabs.com/


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Hi, are there any news in this regard?

Hi all,

Is there any update on this? Any insight would be appreciated.

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Hi @Hernan
sorry for PANS there is no planned any update.


Thanks for the update, Sorry to hear that!

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