DWM1001 R2 stationary sensitivity setting

Hello. The API guide shows the following table for the different sensitivity values that can be set for the stationary detection:

After doing some testing with the different values, I found that the value that wakes up the module with the least amount of movement is 2, which makes sense with the word high, which I think of as high sensitivity or easy to wake up, but doesn’t make sense with the 4064mg value, which I assume is the acceleration the module needs to detect to wake up.

Shouldn’t the 512mg value correspond to the high setting, value of 2?

the words low, normal, and high can also mean low and high threshold, which would make sense with the the mg values shown, but from my testing the value of 2 has the lowest threshold.

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you are right! The documentation is incorrect. The values should be like this:

0 - LOW [4064 mg]
1 - NORMAL [2048 mg]
2 - HIGH [512 mg]

Thanks for the feedback!