DWM1001 Does not connected to bluetooth

Hi I am working on DWM1001

I try to connect galaxy tablet with DWM1001 to bluetooth

But tablet does not find DWM1001 in application

No inside application, Just tablet in setting bluetooth field can found DWM1001

And also Some device can connect with galaxy tablet but anothers it doesn’t

And another phone (galaxy S4) is can connect with DWM1001

How cna i solve this problem?? plz help me

My tablet galaxy tab e black and android version is 6.0.1

Hi cspark,

We are aware of that kind of issues. Some android device are not able to detect the DWM1001 over BLE.

We are not completely sure why, and we don’t really have an exhaustive list of device it is working with.

I’ve personally used it with a nexus 5 and a honor view 10 and it works fine.

With the new release, the BLE is less mandatory. All configuration can be performed over usb, and the network can be monitored from the web application.

Maybe have a look at the release thread :

A good starting point to add a gateway is the Gateway_Quick_Deployment_Guide.
Sorry I can’t help further.

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