DWM1001-DEV Tag to Arduino UNO

Hello everyone,

I am trying to use and Arduino UNO to get data from the DWM1001-DEV board, through UART, by TX RX pins. I was wondering if anyone has a sample code for this?

The problem I am facing is that, I am not able to send serial commands like ‘apg’ or ‘lep’ to the board. Hence, not getting the desired output. Please let me know the problem?

My code is as follows : I am using software serial.

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

SoftwareSerial gtSerial(10, 11); // Arduino RX, Arduino TX
byte rx_byte = 0;
void setup() {
Serial.begin(9600); // serial / USB port
// software serial port

// stores received byte

void loop() {
// check if byte available from USB port
if (Serial.available()) {
rx_byte = Serial.read();
// send a byte to the software serial port

// check if byte available on the software serial port
if (gtSerial.available()) {
// get the byte from the software serial port
rx_byte = gtSerial.read();


Can you share a picture of the connection between the DWM1001-dev and the Arduino UNO?


i have nearly the same Problem
i only use an Arduino mega and the normal command Serial1
i conectet de Arduino with an Level-converter to get 3,3V so i do not destroy the DWM1001.
i also connectet the TX with the RX
i have also checked that i have the Right Signal on the Pins of the DWM1001( with an osziloscope.

but i dont get any Signal from the DWM modul if i send lep or les with the Arduino
ther is no bite send from the dwm modul

do enyone have an Code example for the Arduino to reed positioning tatas from the dwm modul

or even better
to read positioning data of an tag by connecting the Arduino to an listener.

i hope you can help me

hi guys , i want ot do similar application (meaning comunication between arduino and dwm1001 board) and i think the reason it is not working is because a communication between 2 devices is not possible and the dwm board is design to communicate with hosts devices only(computers/raspberypi…) devices with external OS .

did u find any thing already on ur problems ? and could u help me undrestand more

This is an old topic, but it may be helpful for new users struggling with this. I probably found the solution: Can I use only 2 DWM1001-dev and see their relative distance?