DW1000 User Manual formatting issues


I am attempting to write a utility to calibrate the crystal oscillator trim value for a custom board following Section 8.1.1 of the DW1000 User Guide. I’ve noticed the transmitter configuration steps appear to be formatted incorrectly. This is in dw1000_user_manual_2.13.pdf

Does anyone have a version of the user manual where the steps here are formatted correctly? I can probably interpret it, but want to make sure I am reading it correctly.

To be more specific, step 1 simply says:

“1. Sub-Register 0x28:00 – RF_CONF”

I’m not sure what to do here. Also, Step 9 appears to be split on two lines, and I think Step 10 is supposed to be the “Enable CW mode” step.

An older version (2.07) of the manual says:
"Transmitter Configuration Procedure:

  1. Write 0x0009A000 to
  2. Sub-Register 0x28:00 – RF_CONF"

It looks like someone decided to fix the formatting error by deleting line 1 rather than combining 1 and 2 into a single line.

The rest of the steps look the same (including the same extra new line error on lines 9 & 10) and worked for me.

Hi Andy, Lincoln,

line 1 of the Transmitter Configuration Procedure in the UM section 8.1.1 should be:

  1.  Write 0x0009A000 to Sub-Register 0x28:00 – RF_CONF

While line 9&10 should be merged and would become:
9. Write 0x005FFF00 to Sub-Register 0x28:00 – RF_CONF

This will be corrected in our next release of the UM manual

Additional information can be found in our API , example ex_04a_cont_wave. Crystal Trim is also described in Production Application Note APS012 section 3.3.1 Crystal trim optimization


Great, thank you!

what is sub register in line 4 of Transmitter Configuration Procedure (8.1.1 Calibration Method)? the Register file is 0X1E but the sub register is unknown.
line 4 of Transmitter Configuration Procedure:
4. Write an appropriate value to Register file: 0x1E – Transmit Power Control.

Therr is no subregister. The register is 4 octets. So the values given in table 19&20 could be used.
For more detailed information see aps023 part 1 attached

APS023_Part 1_Transmit_Power_Calibration_&_Management.pdf (874.8 KB)

Hi Leo,
Thank you.
Best Regards.

Hi Leo,
If I’m not mistaken this is not corrected in the current version of the user manual. The current version has a defective step 1 and 9.

I also wonder if the statement in step 2 is correct: Write 0x00000000 to Sub-Register 0x36:04 – PMSC_CTRL1 . Since this clears the reserved bit 24 and the manual states that the reserved bits should be left at their reset states, I am afraid that this will impede DW1000 functionality. Can you confirm whether bit 24 should be cleared, or not?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Dries
We havent released the latest UM yet.
The fix will be in version 2.19, hopefully released soon
Regards & Stay safe