DW1000 communication between two different MCUs


I have two mcu kits, they have different microcontrollers of stm, Their spi clocks are different.
Can dw1000 still communicate, although they have different spi clocks with their master mcus?
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dw1000 can still communicate, but the spi clock need to be fast enough (~16-20 MHz) to handle quick communication with the DW1000. And there are much parameters to modify.

Hi, thank you.
I asked on other title too actually.
Can dw1000 communicate with other dw1000 if they have spi clock < 3Mhz?

Parameters are same exactly on the example of the decawave.

On the simpleRx code, before entering to while loop, i can read the devID. But at the end of the while loop(still inside the loop) I can not read devID. it is 0xfffffff. PDf says, it is in deepsleep mode. How can i wake it up? Through Wake up pin or through Rst pin? Why does it go to deep sleep mode while i try to run example of decawave?
Any ideas what can be the reason?
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Hi alican

The SimpleRX demo should not put the DW1000 in deepsleep. Not being able to read the devID could be due to multiple reasons, in your case it’s probable the SPI fast rate not working correctly.

A SPI speed of 3MHz should work in theory but will limit usability. Most UWB applications like TWR are time critical, you want to have fast communication between the MCU and DW1000 to ensure e.g the full frame can be sent to the chip before the TX timer times out or the receiver reception times out. See the notes in the TWR examples.

I would suggest using a MCU capable of higher SPI speeds unless you are only interested in transferring data at a limited data rate.

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Hi Seppe,

you are right, it was because of spi speed rate. Thank you.