Can not read devID after trying simpleTx and simpleRx examples


At the first i was able to read the dev id, I could also write data and read through spi to dw1000.
Next I tried examples of decawave simpleRx and simpleTx, after that I can not read devID anymore.
Any ideas, what can diese examples do to dw1000?
Thank you.

May be the spi_interface setting is not correct, please check your spi setting. And, the first thing to adjust is the SPI clock speeds. The SPI clock speed needs to be low enough (<3MHz) in slow mode and fast enough (~16-20 MHz) to handle quick communication with the DW1000.

Thank you for your answer. It is working now, I think it was because of the reset pin.

To make sure spi speed is low enough. I kept spi clock < 3Mhz during communication too. Does it effect communication or does speed has to be higher?

For reference, see my answer here: DW1000 communication between two different MCUs